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Make a Haunted Farm for a Halloween Village From Free Printables


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Printables for a Haunted Farmhouse, Barn and Silo in 1:144 Scale
Miniature farm buildings for a tiny Halloween Village.

The printable farmhouse, barn and silo can be left as is, used as templates or glittered to make a range of buildings for a miniature Halloween village.

Photo © 2011 Lesley Shepherd

Use these free printables as templates for buildings for a glitter Halloween village, or as is to match the earlier buildings in the Miniature Halloween Village Series. The buildings come with extra parts to apply over a layer of glitter, or you can cut open the windows and back them with cellophane, then add a set of cool running LED lights to light your miniature display. The printables can also be used as templates with gingerbread to make tiny halloween gingerbread houses.

If you wish, these buildings can be combined with other designs from the Printable Christmas Glitter Village set, to make a range of extra houses for your Halloween display.

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