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Halloween Miniatures

Miniatures for Halloween decorations and displays.

Make Miniature Skull Beads, Skulls or Sugar Skulls
How to shape miniature skulls for beads, Halloween and Day of the Dead celebrations using polymer clay, clay, paper mache, epoxy putty or sugar and fondant.

Make Detailed Miniature Eyes and Eyeballs From Polymer Clay
Make miniature eyes and eyeballs for Halloween scenes or Witch's Lairs.

Printable Halloween Decorations for a Haunted Dollhouse
Printable door covers and picket fences with cats and rats to decorate a miniature haunted house

Make Miniature Luminarias or Farolitos in Several Scales
Make these miniature luminarias for Halloween villages or displays or use them on full size door wreaths or as table decorations.

How to Make a "Frozen Moment" Miniature Featuring a Witch's Stew
Make a miniature witch's stew featuring ingredients pouring from a container into a cauldron.

Haunted House Displays Made from Recycled Materials and Printables
These easy to build haunted houses or haunted house silhouettes are based on a cereal box and finished with your choice of free printable roofs, windows, and doors to customize your haunted miniature.

Dollhouse Apothecary Equipment, Make a Miniature Mortar, Pestle, and Medicines
Make miniature mortars, pestles and dried plant material for witches potions.

Printable Miniature Haunted Glitter Houses / Templates for Halloween Gingerbread
Printable Haunted or Glitter Houses for an N scale railroad or dolls house Halloween scene

Make a Haunted Farm for a Halloween Village From Free Printables
Make Printable Haunted Farm Buildings / Glitter Houses for a Halloween Village

Make Printable Miniature Gothic Glitter Houses with Mansard Roofs
Use these free printables to make gothic buildings in 1:144 scale for a Halloween village, railroad or dollhouse display.

Make a Printable Miniature Castle for Halloween or Christmas Villages
Make this medieval style castle with two towers. Glitter it or leave it plain as a decoration for a miniature Halloween or Christmas village

Printable Stone Towers and Cottages For a Glitter Village
Make these 1:144 scale "stone" towers and cottages for a Halloween 'glitter' village, or use them as stand alone buildings for dollhouse toys.

Make a Printable Miniature Graveyard for a Halloween Village
Make these headstones, mausoleums and fences for your own custom miniature graveyard scene.

Witch's Kitchen Dolls House Printables
Make a miniature set of kitchen or party dishes with a Halloween theme using these free printables.

Free Printable Halloween Toile Designs for Papers and Fabrics
Free printable Halloween toile designs for dollhouse scale wallpaper or fabric.

Use Needlefelt Techniques to Make a Poseable Miniature Cat
Needlefelt a poseable black cat for a scale Halloween display

Fall Challenge and Community Halloween Gallery
A gallery of Halloween themed decorations based on miniature skeletons contributed by readers of miniatures.about.com.

Sculpt Tiny Bats for Miniature or Halloween Scenes
How to make miniature scale bats with fur and detailed wings for Halloween villages, or dolls house or railroad scenes.

Odd but Useful Scale Pumpkin Lights
Lemax Spooky Town Pumpkin Lights are the correct size for a dolls house display but give off a limited amount of light. They are oversize for the scale of the Lemax Halloween villages.

Make Miniature Mice or Rats in Dolls House or Model Scales
This tutorial shows you an easy way to make accurately sized mice or rats for dolls house and model scenes from 1:24 on up.

Make Miniature Pumpkins for Table Decorations or Scale Scenes
Make these paper mache pumpkins as pumpkins or hollow jack o lanterns for dollhouse decorations or as table decorations for Halloween or Thanksgiving.

Make a Miniature Witch or Dollhouse Scale Witch Costume
Make a miniature witch's costume from paper or fabric, or model a miniature witch to suit your scene.

Halloween Villages
Top picks for Miniature Villages with a Halloween theme

Black Lights for Miniature and Dollhouse Displays
A review of Lemax's Purple Lights from the Lemax Spooky Town Accessories

Make Dollhouse Printable Halloween Decorations
Miniature Halloween themed printable plates, cups, trick or treat bags, treat bags and garlands and decorations for dollhouses and other miniature scenes. Ghosts, bats, pumpkins and witches to cut out and use for displays.

Make Miniature Coffin Shaped Boxes for Halloween in 1:12 Dolls House Scale
Printable coffin boxes can be made as props for Halloween scenes in dolls house scales, or for favor or treat boxes for Halloween. They can be used to hold anything from party invitations to candy spiders or eyeballs.

Ways to Light a Miniature Halloween Display
Techniques to light and decorate miniature and dolls' house Halloween displays using glow in the dark paints, glow in the dark polymer clay, highlighting pens, and miniature black lights.

Halloween Shop, Room, or Cafe Made From Free Printables
Use free printables to make this quarter scale Halloweeen building shaped like a cupcake. Turn it into a tiny candy store, fireworks display or home for a miniature witch.

Make a Printable Armchair and Coffee Table With A Halloween Design in 1:48 Scale
Make a printable armchair and coffee table with a Halloween design for a 1:48 scale dolls house scene. This template will also work with other papers and fabrics to make a range of 1:48 scale armchairs and love seats.

How to Paint Your Own Halloween Horse or Turn a Breyer Model Into Spooky Fun
Design and Paint A Spooky Halloween horse using a Breyer or other plastic model as a base.

12 Halloween Crafts and Ideas
Use these free Halloween crafts and projects to prepare for the spooky day. From costume tips and pumpkin carving patterns, to free decorating ideas and printable pages, we have everything you need to get ready for Halloween.

Ray Keim-Paper Model Purgatory
Ray Keim has created free downloadable paper models of Disney's Haunted Mansion rides. These make great additions to scale villages and also have lots of features for Halloween scenes.

Christine Verstraete
Christine Verstraete celebrates Halloween in the dollhouse with themed food and decorations.

Printable Abandoned Buildings from PaperMau
The Papermau blogspot has a range of printable 'abandoned' buildings, ranging from a garage on route 66 to a Brazilian house. Lots of links to other printables for Halloween as well.

Make Dollhouse Scale Candy Corn
Use polymer clay and simple techniques to make true scale miniature candy corn for dolls house scale Halloween displays.

Make Pumpkin, Cat, Ghost and Witches Hat Cookies in Dolls' House Scales
Make custom cookie cutters and make dolls house Halloween cookies in a range of miniature scales.

Small Scale Halloween Paper Designs
Small scale printable pumpkin and swirl designs for use in cards, tags and other projects or for miniature and dollhouse tissue paer for pastry and candy cases, shop displays and packaging.

How to Make Miniature Halloween Baking Decorations
Make a mold and cast tiny decorations for Halloween pastries or candies in dollhouse scale.

Make a Dollhouse Scale Pumpkin Shaped Cake From Dry Floral Foam
Make this pumpkin shaped cake in your favorite dollhouse scale using floral foam and acrylic paints. As this is a very lightweight miniature, it can also be used for jewellery, or for decorations for Halloween trees.

2014 Seattle Show Halloween
Halloween themed exhibits from the Spring 2014 Seattle Dollhouse Show

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