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Review of Crafter's Pick The Ultimate Glue

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Bottle of Crafter's Pick

Bottle of "The Ultimate" glue by Crafter's Pick

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The Bottom Line

Crafter's Pick The Ultimate! glue is a useful waterbased PVA glue (polyvinyl acetate or white) if you have objects that tend to slip with regular glues. It will grab onto materials that tend to slip or fall away and can't be held or clamped easily. For example threads, bristles, beads, crystals or bent pieces of clear plastic or cellophane which otherwise pull away without clamping, are held by the thick 'ultimate' glue until it dries. The glue is not excessively tacky and handles easily. As the glue is pva based it must not be exposed to freezing temperatures before drying.

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  • Easy to find.
  • Fairly ticky or tacky, will grab even on plastic and metal, but can still move objects easily.
  • Thick, doesn't run. Good for gluing heavier objects and awkward angles.
  • Dries clear and not too rubbery.
  • As it is water based, you can use it in glue syringes and clean them after use with water.


  • Not certified as acid neutral
  • Glue can be peeled away from glass, metal and plastic after it dries, although it holds well.


  • Thick, holds small heavy objects well without clamping.
  • Not acid neutral, not recommended for archival applications.
  • Like all PVA glues must be kept from freezing before use.
  • Dries clear.
  • Sticky enough to grab on contact.
  • Cleanup is with water, although this is not a 'reversible glue' for archival purposes.
  • Best stored upside down for ease of use.
  • Has a reasonable working time, during which you can reposition objects.
  • Good for clear plastics and foams

Guide Review - Review of Crafter's Pick The Ultimate Glue

Crafter's Pick The Ultimate Glue is a PVA (polyvinyl acetate) based thick spreadable glue, that adheres to most materials without running. It will bond metal to paper and wood easily, and is useful for gluing clear acrylic (plastic windows and airplane canopies) securely to their frames without clouding or crazing the acrylic. It cleans up with water and dries clear and slightly rubbery.

The heavy stickiness and thickness of this glue allows you to glue items which otherwise might need to be clamped or propped in order to adhere. It cleans up with water, and can be used as a form of contact cement for non porous materials if applied to both sides you wish to glue together and allowed to dry until clear, then pressed together. Items do not shift easily out of position when using this glue. Crystals and beads can be glued on vertical surfaces for example without fear of sliding. The glue does not dissolve foam or plastics as it is water rather than solvent based. The pva formulation dries flexible, but is not excessively rubbery.

Will glue wood, paper, metal films, metals, glass, plastics. Will also hold beads and glass or plastic gems although they can be peeled away with the glue after drying on smooth non permeable surfaces (metal, plastic or glass) after it dries. If the project will be subject to movement or flexing, this could cause items to fall off. Glue may take a long time to cure if you are using it to hold non permeable materials together.

Final bond is very strong, even when very small amounts of slippery surfaces are glued together. The bond for this glue is stronger than for similar glues like Aleene's Fast Grab Tacky Glue although it is not as sticky initially as the Fast Grab Tacky Glue and does not dry as quickly.

There is no information from Crafter's Pick on the pH of this glue, so it is not recommended for archival repairs or for projects intended to become heirlooms.

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