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Playscale or 1:6 Scale - The Scale for Fashion Dolls and Military Action Figures


1:6 Scale, Playscale - or Fashion Doll Scale are names for the scale of dollhouses and accessories designed for common fashion dolls such as Barbie.  Playscale has a ratio of 1:6. One foot in playscale is the equivalent of 6 feet in the real world. In this scale most figures are between 11 inches and 12 inches tall to make figures which represent 5'6 to 6 ft heights.  Playscale is the largest of the dollhouse scales and is a common scale in action figures for action figure soldiers such as GI Joe and Action Man.  A number of collectible figures were spun off in this scale from the Barbie craze. They include the Johnny West figures by Marx.

This particular size of figure is popular with collectors as they can have very detailed accessories and costume pieces which are easily removed and replaced. Most figures in this scale are also large enough to have articulated joints and hands which will hold objects. As there are a wide range of male and female figures and costumes in this scale, they are widely collected by adult collectors for sets, videos and set piece photo shoots.

The scale is not as popular for dollhouse collectors as the room sizes required take up a large amount of space.  Although accessories and costume pieces are widely available for figures in this scale, furniture and vehicles are harder to come by.

The scale is very popular for Japanese Re-ment / Puchi Petite collectible food and kitchen accessories as they can be highly detailed in this scale and will work with several popular action figures and dolls. 


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