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Is a Limited Edition Miniature More Collectible?


Definition: Limited edition - In an earlier age, 'limited editions' or "numbered editions" were used to describe the order items were pulled from molds or printing plates. This was important as molds and printing plates degraded slightly with each use. The earliest editions, had crisper lines than later numbers from the same production. With modern manufacturing processes, the term 'limited edition' applied to miniatures tends to imply only a small number will be made. This type of 'limited edition' should come with certificates or signatures which state which number of the edition the piece is. This COA or Certificate of Authenticity is necessary proof that the edition really is limited.

The designation of 'limited edition' now is being used for some production runs of items like ball jointed dolls, where minor make up differences and costumes are the only thing limited about the edition. The dolls themselves remain the same through numerous 'limited editions' which lessens the value of the designation. This is becoming a less valuable designation in a world where reproduction is very accurate. After the completion of a run of a true limited edition, the mold or press is destroyed so that future editions are not possible. In the case of some collectibles, the molds are being reused to create normal editions, or re issued as classics at a later date. Know your field and be aware of what type of limited edition you are purchasing. Some limited editions may be of very little interest to miniature collectors.

Limited edition versions of collectibles are supposed to be restricted to a particular number and never issued again.

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