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What are Dresden Paper Trims?


Various small scale trims suitable for use with dollhouse scale furniture.

Stickers,embellished paper, punched paper shapes, rubber stamps, Dresden paper trims, and jewelry findings are among many items that can be used to embellish miniature furniture in period appropriate style.

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Definition: From Victorian Christmas ornaments to turn of the century valentines, a lot of the delightful embossed paper lace used on decorative paper items is made from impressed, die cut paper cutouts called Dresden trims or German scrap. Most often impressed on one sided metallic papers in a range of colors, these trims were used to create holiday ornaments, as well as to decorate cards, and collections of decorative paper or scrap work. The trims are commonly sold as strips or sheets of related decorative borders. The most common colors include gold, silver, copper, white, black, orange and red, although other colors are available. Trims are available as decorative figures for Halloween, angel wings, ornate frames, doors, and rope and floral shaped edgings in a range of styles and sizes. Many European miniatures use Dresden trims in place of carved elements on dolls house furniture, or as edgings for elaborate picture or mirror frames, or for faux bois work. The trims are also used for vintage Christmas, Easter, Valentines and Halloween cards and ornaments and are widely used by paper artists today.
Also Known As: German Scrap Trims, Metallic Paper Lace
Dresden trims give a vintage Victorian look to cards and craft projects.

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