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What is a COA or Certificate of Authenticity?


Definition: COA - is an acronym for Certificate Of Authenticity. COA's are generally offered as a document to accompany collectible items which have been created or modified by particular artists, or whose authenticity has been determined by a professional evaluation. A true certificate of authenticity is used to help establish a collectible's provenanceC and can add to the background and value of a collectible piece. A doll from a particular manufacturer, with a COA from a well known artist who did a custom 'face up', may have more collectible value than a doll without a COA having a face up from the same maker. COA 's can be faked fairly easily. Only accept COA's from reputable companies which have a money back guarantee. If you are having custom work done by someone who is a recognized master in modifying your particular type of collectible, request a COA with their signature to identify what work was done on your base piece.

The series of military figures came with a COA to prove they had been painted by the artist.

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