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End Cutters for Flush Cuts of Wire and Metal on Jewelery, Miniatures and Models


End cutters trim the excess wire from the base of a miniature pastry basket.

End cutters trim excess wire on the base of a dollhouse pastry basket flush with the wooden base.

Photo © 2012 Lesley Shepherd

End Cutters are a particular type of wire cutter, sometimes called a nipper, which have the cutting blades tight to the end of the tool. With their wide flat nose, an end cutter allows you to cut wire or metal flush with the ends of beads or other jewellery parts, or to cut wire where it passes through wood when making miniature furniture and wood bottomed baskets.

These tools are most often found in the jewellery or beading section of craft stores or jewelery suppliers, alongside various specialized pliers. While you can also find them in autobody shops and hardware tool sections, (where they are sometimes called bolt cutters) the smaller, easier to use one handed jewelery end cutters are usually less expensive (under $15) and more useful as a craft tool.

These work well for trimming off metal (and plastic) 'sprue' from cast metal miniatures, or for cutting sections flush with other surfaces. Make sure you keep your pair sharp, and choose a pair which fits easily in your palm to lessen the possibility of carpel tunnel syndrome if you will be using them a lot.

You can see end cutters in use here in the instructions for making a simple miniature pastry basket

End cutters are ideal for flush trimming of wire or metal miniatures.

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