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Back Stitch Used for Sewing Small Seams


Diagram showing how to stitch a backstitch.

Back Stitches make tight, strong, seams for dolls house miniatures.

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The backstitch is a simple basic hand sewing stitch used to create small tight seams. The needle is inserted into the fabric and the thread taken back behind where it comes through, in order to make the stitch. As the needle is brought through the fabric to make the stitch, the point of the needle comes up a stitch length in front of the previous thread, to allow a line of tight stitches to develop as you sew.

The backstitch is fairly quick to sew, and can be used on stretch fabrics as well as woven fabrics, although it will not have as much stretch as a simple zig zag stitch.

The back stitch is used for making tight seams that will not leak filling from miniature stuffed animals.

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