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Beginners Guide to Painting a Metal Miniature


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Apply the Base Colors
metal miniature with first color coat

Metal miniatures with the first color coat applied

Lesley Shepherd

  • Choose a Colour Scheme Lay out small amounts of acrylic paints on your paint palette. Choose paints which contrast well with each other. Contrasting colors shows up better in miniature figures.
  • Use Small Brushes Fill in the general color areas as evenly as you can using an appropriate sized brush. Most of these figures were finished with a size 0 or smaller brush.
  • Take Your Time Avoid painting adjacent colors until the first color is dry, then go back and fill in the areas in between the colors you were able to paint the first time. Detail comes later, so just try to concentrate on getting one or two thin even coats applied.
  • Set aside to dry in a dust free environment.

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