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Teddy Bear Pirate Gaming Miniature from Eureka Miniatures

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Lead based miniature pirate teddy bear gaming figures by Eureka Miniatures

Teddy bear pirate captain and a crew member in 28mm white metal (lead based) miniatures by Eureka Miniatures.

Photo copyright 2009 Lesley Shepherd, Licensed to About.com Inc.

The Bottom Line

Eureka Miniatures of Australia are well known for their wonderfully detailed lead based miniature gaming figures, in traditional and off the wall gaming lines. The Teddy Bear Pirates are part of a range of 28 mm Teddy Bear gaming figures, which come in ranges for the western frontier (The Good the Bad and the Cuddly), as British and Zulu bears for Rorkes Picnic, and as soldiers in the Seven Years Picnic. Like more traditional figures from Eureka, the Teddy Bear Pirates have amazing details and are well cast, with few irregularities.


  • Wonderful detail and expressions
  • Good range of character varients in all of their ranges
  • Several sets of gaming rules online to suggest uses for odd figure sets
  • Well cast and aligned, easy to clean up and paint.


  • Lead base means must be painted by adults and not used unsupervised by children.
  • Must follow safe handling practises for lead, wash your hands!
  • Too many fun characters and lines to choose from!


  • Good range of 1 1/4 inch (28mm) teddy bear figures for tongue in cheek gaming or scenes
  • Eureka will produce individual requested figures with sufficient demand through their 100 or 300 clubs.
  • Wide range of fun figures and accessories including penny farthing bikes, lamps and some Victorian furniture in 28mm scale.
  • Unique off the wall figures for gaming with limited references to history are a refreshing change from serious fantasy.
  • Complete set of chess pieces available in the toy soldiers range.

Guide Review - Teddy Bear Pirate Gaming Miniature from Eureka Miniatures

Eureka Miniatures are an Australian based company who produce a vast and excellent range of lead based metal gaming miniatures. The Teddy Bear Pirate line is one of their slightly off the wall sets which feature fun characters designed for gaming. The Teddy bear pirates come with two different captains, thirteen different pirate figures, as well as cannon (of course!) and cannon crews. Eureka have posted rules online for a Teddies of the Caribbean pirate game, and suggest building rafts from frozen treat sticks to hold your crews.

As the figures are lead based, they are not recommended for children. Once painted, the figures can be safely handled, but still pose a choking hazard.

This range of figures lends itself to many other miniature uses. As 28 mm figures, the teddy bear pirates are roughly 1 1/4 inches tall on their bases, can battle through all kinds of scenery and gaming designs, and are well suited to smaller static miniature displays where their 28mm height allows them to stand in for 5 foot figures (in quarter or O scale). They may fit comfortably with some Halloween village sets. They are a good size for gaming pieces, suitable for tic tac toe or other custom board games.

Other unique miniature sets from Eureka

If teddy bear figures aren't useful to you, take a look at the other unique figures from Eureka. They produce everything from frogs bearing their king on a litter (warrior frogs), to fez wearing flying monkeys, and 28 mm caricatures of Queen Victoria. There are movie monsters, samurai and pirates in addition to their traditional modern and historic military figures. My personal favorites for extending imagination, are the Pax Limpopo figures, which range from clockwork pigs and unicycle riding lancers, to anarchist nannies and spies in dinosaur suits. Traditional fun goes sideways through much of their line.

Price - Figures range from $2.50 individually to $17 for sets in the pirate line.

Safety Note These are lead based castings, so you must handle them as little as possible during the painting process, washing your hands thoroughly after handling.

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