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Collectible Scale Buildings from the Miniature Building Authority

Collectible Buildings for Scenes & Games from the Miniature Building Authority

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Scale Resin cottage with removable roof for village scenes and wargames

Miniature Building Authority Country Cottage from the Gold Series

Photo ©2007 Lesley Shepherd, Licensed to About.com Inc.
The Miniature Building Authority have an extensive line of collectible miniature buildings and accessories in 25mm and 15mm scale for wargamers, model railways, or to use as collectible village pieces. These are sturdy buildings, cast from resin with clear mold lines and details, and finished with strong textures and paint. The buildings are complete with roofs which lift off to expose the interior and some have detailed painted interiors. Interior floors lift out in buildings with more than one story. Some buildings divide to be used as intact or as destroyed structures.

Range of Model Buildings

The Miniature Building Authority range of models is large. There is a series of European buildings in 15 mm scale, and another complete with medieval castles and surrounds in 25mm scale, a 15 mm Middle Eastern town, a 25 mm Americana series, a Fantasy series in 25mm (the hobbit house !) a 25 mm Science Fiction Series, a 25mm Modern series and a 25mm Gold series with detailed painted interiors. There are walls (complete or destroyed) bridges, fences, garden gates, even window boxes and cafe seating in some styles.

The pieces are sturdy heavy cast resin, and the removable roofs and floors are designed to fit snugly inside the main building. These are models which can be taken out of the box and placed right into your scale diorama or village scene.

The paint finish is crisp and detailed, with the high contrast style beloved of gamers. The building colors allow them to be used in many types of scenes without adjustment.

The Miniature Building Authority website also contains some good photos showing the buildings in place in a variety of scenes.

In addition to the buildings the range includes excellent accessories, (including plague carts and rats!) street lamps, boats jetties and boxes and crates, as well as window boxes of flowers, market stalls, brick streets and Bedouin tents.

Miniature Building Size and Scale

Country cottage shown with corresponding scale figures.

A Miniature Building Authority 25mm scale country cottage shown with 1:72, 25mm and 1:48 scale miniatures.

Photo ©2007 Lesley Shepherd, Licensed to About.com Inc.

A Note About Scale

It's worth mentioning that scale in many model ranges is relative. These buildings are designed for gaming miniatures which are measured from the feet to the eyes usually at 25 – 30 mm. A scale miniature figure which is 25 mm from the base of its feet to the top of its head is a 1:72 scale figure. You can see one of these standing in the photo to the left under the window. These figures would need the 15mm building range. A 25mm scale gaming figure of Sam the Hobbit is standing at the corner of the building. As a hobbit, he is a short figure in 25mm scale, standing only 18mm from the base to his eye height. Beside the hobbit is a 1:48 scale table.

Actual measurements - The building shown the cottage from the Gold range measures 2 inches (50mm) from the ground to the base of the roof. The door is approximately 1 ½ inches (40 mm) high, which is similar to the height of an O or 1:48 scale door.. Across the front wall with the door the building measures.4 inches (100 mm) its total length is 6 inches(150mm)overall with the addition. The building base is 6 ½ inches (165 mm) by 4 inches (100mm) by 4 ¾ inches (120mm) high including the base.

Within the range some buildings are a slightly off scale 25/28/40mm size, which works well with O scale trains (similar to a standard Christmas Villages. Others are rated at 25mm (S scale trains). The building I received for review is rated for use with 25-30mm figures and is listed at 25mm scale. For comparison when photographed beside a true 1:48 scale house it is very similar in size.


Many of these buildings come complete with finished interiors. All have well fitting lift off roofs allowing access to the interior for gamers or specialists in 1:48 or smaller scales. Buildings with multiple floors have removable floors to allow access to the miniatures within a building for a better gaming (or viewing) experience.

A number of accessories are available in most of the ranges to extend the display effects (and battlefields)and to allow the creation of town settings. Several of the buildings are available in multiple colors in order to extend the size of a street or village scene without complete replication of the houses.

Multiple Uses and Settings

Country Cottage in 25mm gaming scale shown beside a 1:48 scale dollhouse cottage.

Miniature Building Authority Country Cottage Compared to 1:48 Scale Cottage

Photo ©2007 Lesley Shepherd, Licensed to About.com Inc.

These are model buildings, not toys, but they are certainly more advanced than many of the standard village collectibles and scale rail buildings in terms of their sturdiness, range, and their usability across different platforms. With the appropriate treaties and negotiations, a Model Building Authority European village could conceivably be used for a peaceful Christmas village scene on a family mantle, then revert to its gaming role for a number of different battle periods or themes, and return to a display use again for a ruined building for a Halloween display. I suggest you develop the usage contract for your home early, before the model building comes out of it's box!

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