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Gaming Miniatures - Wargames, Fantasy, Historical

Projects, tutorials, techniques and reviews for gaming miniatures, toy soldiers, fantasy games and gaming collectibles. Information on materials, plastic, lead, metals and resins, and methods of making miniature figures.
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An Introduction to Wargaming Miniatures
Basic information on Wargaming miniatures, the games and the scales of minatures used.

Safe Handling Concerns with Metal and Lead Based Miniatures
List of safe handling procedures for working with metal alloy miniatures, figures and dolls house miniatures which may contain lead.

Fine Hand Held Toothed Micro Saws Designed for Precision Cutting in Tight Areas.
A review of Squadron TechStar Micro Saws, fine hand-held blades used for cutting plastic, resin, wood and polymer clay.

Apoxie Paste - Semi-Fluid Two Part Epoxy For Miniature Repairs and Moulds
A review of Apoxie® Paste by Aves, with particular reference to repairing collectibles and use with molds and miniatures.

Beginners Guide to Painting a Metal Miniature
Techniques used to paint metal miniatures for gaming,dollhouse, or collectibles.

Mr. Base White 1000 Lacquer Primer for Miniatures and Models
Review of the lacquer based primer Mr. Base White 1000 by Gunze Sangyo.

Before you Paint - Should you Use Acrylic Paint
Information for beginners about buying and using acrylic paint.

Use Embossing Powders to Add Texture to Small Scale Models and Miniatures
How to use embossing powders to add textured surfaces to small scale models, dolls house miniatures, and model car interiors.

Teddy Bear Pirate Gaming Miniatures from Eureka Miniatures
A review of the Teddy Bear Pirate lead based gaming figures from Eureka miniatures

Magazine Review - Wargames Soldiers & Strategy
A review of the monthly magazine Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy published by Revistas Profesionales, Madrid, Spain.

Hirst Arts Fantasy Architecture Molds
A review of the silicone scale building block molds produced by Hirst Arts Fantasy Architecture Inc.

Building the 1:48 Scale Tudor Markland Market Hall From a Kit By Small Scale
This gallery features the steps taken to build a 1:48 scale Tudor Market Hall from a precision kit by Geoff Lewis of Small Scale Miniatures.

Review of Wellington's Smallest Victory by Peter Hofschröer
Model makers can be sticklers for detail. Historian Peter Hofschöer examines a model maker who refused to compromise and whose work eventually exposed the secret of the Battle of Waterloo.

Make Miniature Dolls and Figures
Miniature figures can be made in several scales using basic sculpting techniques. If you want a new character for a dolls house or a war game, the techniques are the same.

Collectible Scale Buildings from the Miniature Building Authority
These collectible scale buildings from the Miniature Building Authority are designed for gaming situations with removable roofs and floors. They also make great buildings for scale scenes, Christmas villages, or model railway sets in O or S scale.

Pirates of the Spanish Main - Miniature Naval Battles
Profile of Pirates of the Spanish Main Constructibles Strategy Game for all ages.

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