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Scribed Wood Siding Exterior Finishes for Model Buildings and Dolls Houses.


Scribed wood siding in sheet form used to create siding and clapboard effects on scale buildings

Scribed wood siding in sheet form used to create siding and clapboard effects on scale model buildings.

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Scribed Wood Siding or Clapboard Exterior Finishes for Scale Model Buildings:

Scribed wood with a range of distances between ridges or boards is available for scale buildings, dolls houses and scratch built models. It is also used to sheath dsome architectural models. Like Sheet styrene siding it is available with a range of "board" widths, which can correspond to particular types of siding in particular scales. It is most often found in railroad building scales, but some scribed sheets are available for dollhouses which can use a siding 'board' with of 1/2 inch (6 inches wide in 1:12 scale).

Using Scale Scribed Wood Siding or Clapboard:

Scribed wood siding or clapboard sheets and strips for model and dolls house exteriors are available in various thicknesses, usually 1/16th inch thick and with a range of "board" widths, ranging from 1/2 inch to 1/16th inch "board" spacing between the scribed ridges. Thinner board widths are often sold with reference to their railroad modelling scale uses. The scribed siding is available from a range of specialist suppliers of scale lumber

The wood is sold in small sheets (usually around 6 inches by 12 inches) and also commonly in three inch wide by two foot long strips, depending on the manufacturer.

Cutting Scribed Wood Siding Sheet or Strips

Scribed wood siding in sheets and strips are easily cut with a sharp hobby or craft knife or a razor or jeweller's saw.

Working with Scribed Wood

Most scribed wood has a slight angle to the design, to better represent lapped siding or clapboard. The wood should be cut so that the boards face down, when the scribed wood is viewed from the side. Pieces must be cut so that the scribed lines match on the corners, the same way clapboard and siding are usually applied. L shaped edging can be used to cover the edges on the corners for some exterior house styles.

Glues for Scribed Siding

Siding can be glued in place with carpenter's glues or strong PVA (white) glues. Hot melt glues will work, but are not advised as their thickness is hard to control and can throw the joins off at the corners of a building.

Finishing Scribed Wood Siding

Most scribed clapboard or lapped siding is made from basswood, and requires little preparation to finish. Scribed siding made in mdf for dolls house kits, should be sealed with a spray sealer before painting as mdf absorbs paint differently on some cut edges. Scribed siding is best painted with thinned acrylic or enamel paints. Airbrushing or spraying on the paint create better thin finishes than brushed on coats, especially for smaller scales.

Scribed wood siding is a faster and more uniform method of creating scale siding in smaller scales than the use of paper or thin wood strips. Unlike styrene sheet siding, it stands up to sun and heat, and generally holds paint better than styrene sheet.

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