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Golden Light Molding Paste - Scale Stucco and Plaster for Models and Dollhouses

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Golden Light Molding Paste used as stucco for a 1:12 scale dolls house.

Golden Light Molding Paste Used as Stucco for a Dolls House showing a range of possible textures and effects.

Photo copyright 2011 Lesley Shepherd

The Bottom Line

Golden Light Molding Paste, also referred to as Light Modelling Paste is an acrylic medium with a soft grained finish, resembling plaster or fine stucco for scale miniatures. The paste is easy to apply and adheres to wood, paper and fabric. Unlike regular molding paste, which is made with ground marble, the lightweight paste has a fine lightweight texturing material which makes it 57% lighter than regular molding paste, and much better for application on card, paper or fabric. When dry, it is an absorbent surface, and will accept layers of color wash to create fine 'stucco' effects in miniature.


  • Easy to spread, can be trowelled through delicate stencils.
  • Lightweight and flexible after drying, not easily chipped or cracked.
  • Can be colored with tube or liquid acrylics, washes of color can be applied after drying.
  • Adheres best to scuffed (sanded) or absorbant surfaces


  • May absorb dirt and oils with handling after dry, should be surface protected if will be handled.


  • Lightweight, easily spreadable and moldable fine textured compound
  • Matte finish unless high gloss acrylic paints are added, great range of textures possible.
  • Absorbent properties after compound is dry allow a range of weathering and overpainting effects
  • For consistent colors you can mix acrylic paint into the paste before application.

Guide Review - Golden Light Molding Paste - Scale Stucco and Plaster for Models and Dollhouses

Golden Light Molding Paste is an excellent base for creating a range of stucco, plaster, brick, block and stone finishes for model buildings and dolls houses. The paste, an acrylic based artist's medium, is applied with an artist's knife, spatula or similar tool and can be spread in thin or heavy applications for a range of textural effects. "Bouncing" the spatula or knife on the still damp surface will create raised peaks, which can be partially trowelled smooth with the spatula, resulting in a range of scale finishes that mimic exterior stucco or interior plaster finishes in miniature. The texture of Golden's Light Molding Paste makes it useful to mimic brick or concrete block in many scales, especially as the paste accepts washes of color after it dries, allowing a range of subtle ageing and weathering effects.

The paste can be mixed with acrylic paints (tubes or small amounts of liquids) before application, or washes of liquid acrylic or watercolor can be applied to the dried paste to create a range of softly blended color effects similar to worn stucco and frescos. This makes it easy to apply the compound as a brick finish using With an easy to spread consistency, the paste can be easily worked through fine stencils for 'pargetting' or stucco effects, and it will also accept stamp impressions, as well as textures from various materials (netting, lace etc.)

Unlike "spackle" and other home renovation fillers, molding paste does not 'soften' with the application of water based paints, and it also will not succumb to high humidity or moisture, which can be a problem with model buildings 'stuccoed' with wall and crack filling compounds which often chip and wear easily. When dry, lightweight molding paste remains flexible, so canvas applications (model backdrops) can be rolled for storage if light molding paste is used.

As the compound is very light weight, small amounts will go a long way, and heavy textures can be built up on thinner materials without causing them to buckle or need extra support.

Light molding paste stores well without drying out in the jar, much better than most pre mixed spackle compounds once opened. Small amounts have good thin coat coverage. 1/4 teaspoon will cover two or more square inches in a thin coat.

Price and Availability - Available from online and regular art suppliers who carry Golden products. Price - $8 to $14.00 for an eight ounce jar. Larger more economical sizes available.

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