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Micro Mesh Sanding Pad Review - Fine Sand Plastic, Metal & Wood Minatures

Fine Flexible Sanding Pads in Grits From 1500 to 12,000

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Micro mesh fine grit sanding pads create high gloss finishes on plastics, and painted surfaces.

Micro Mesh regular sanding pads in grit sizes from 1500, to 12000 grit sizes will easily sand stabilized woods, acrylics, and solid surfaces to a high gloss.

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Micro Mesh Regular Soft Touch Sanding Pads are a system of sanding through progressive fine grits to create a high gloss on most finishes. They are ideal for sanding fine finishes for high quality miniature woodwork, or taking scratches out of plastic windshields or airplane canopies. Color coding for different grits makes using the pads in sequence easy.

Multiple Uses for Crafts, Hobbies and Collectibles

The Micro Surface Website lists removing scratches and uv haze from acrylic and polycarbonate including reading glasses, as well as removing scratches from metals, paint, wood finishes and adding a gloss finish to polymer clay. They also list several cosmetic uses. We used the pads to remove scratches from an outdoor clock face, and were able to remove deep scratches and hazing, leaving the face clear and new looking. Certainly these pads would restore the clarity of plexiglass display cases, or plastic model wind shields, canopies and windows. They are also useful for putting a high gloss finish on turned acrylics or polymer clay miniatures or sanding out paint coat imperfections.

Use In Series to Work Up a Smooth Gloss or Clear Finish

Fine silicone carbide grits on a cushioned fabric backing allow micro mesh pads to sand on the same plane of a finish, working the surface up to a high gloss though use of the progressively finer pads. The pads are sold in sets including the regular set of rounded two inch squares which ranges in grit size from 1500 to 12, 000 (30 to 2 microns). The 1500 series will produce a similar scratch pattern to standard 400 grit wet/dry sandpaper.

They are easiest to use on flatter surfaces. The pads are flexible and can be gently curved if necessary.

Uses For Miniatures

The ability to sand through a progressive range to a desired level of gloss is ideal for people who work with plastic models (including clear canopies or sheet acrylic windows). The pads can also be used to sand polymer clay, working the finish on a figure or doll to the desired level of gloss or semi gloss. As they also work on hardened paint and clear display cases, the pads can be used on finished miniature furniture or painted metal or wood surfaces to restore damaged surfaces. When working on clear surfaces, make sure you work up progressively through the various grits as instructed. You may want to use an automotive plastic windshield polish or wax after the final sand to help seal a clear acrylic case.

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