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Finishing Materials and Paints for Miniatures

Finishing materials, paints and how to techniques used to create realistic full scale finish effects on scale miniatures and models.
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Adding Sparkle and Shine to Miniatures With Glitter
Tips on types of glitter and glue to use with miniatures for scale appropriate glitter and period effects.

Use Embossing Powders to Add Texture to Small Scale Models and Miniatures
How to use embossing powders to add textured surfaces to small scale models, dolls house miniatures, and model car interiors.

Rosco Foamcoat Filler and Coating for Foam Based Models
A review of Rosco Foamcoat an acrylic based coated for carved foam scenery for modelled terrains which is also used to coat scenery and props for the stage and movie industries.

Bare Metal Foil - Real Metal Finish for Miniatures and Models
Review of Bare Metal Foil for adding metal trim to miniatures, dolls house miniatures, plastic models, and diecasts.

Velvety Flocking for Scale Rugs, Wallpapers, Grass and Animals
Uses of Fun Flock for miniatures, scale displays and dollhouse miniatures

Micro Mesh Sanding Pad Review - Fine Sand Plastic, Metal & Wood Minatures
Micro Mesh Sanding Pads are flexible pads that create fine finishes or remove scratches from metal, plastic, wood and painted finishes making them ideal for polishing miniatures and display cases.You can use these pads to restore clear plastic and acrylic to optical clarity.

Re-Useable Flexible Holiday Stencils from Martha Stewart Crafts
Review of the adhesive stencils "Holiday Icons" set from Martha Stewart Crafts as they can be used for miniatures and models.

How to Make and Use Rub On Transfer Details for Dollhouse Furniture
How to get small scale 'painted' accents on furniture pieces using commercial or home printed rub on transfers.

Range of Pattern Combinations Using a Single Patterned Tile
How to use grout and accent tile colors as well as tile pattern arrangements to create a variety of designs from a single tile.

Review of Sakura 3D Crystal Lacquer - Add Dimension to Flat Miniatures
Sakura 3D Crystal lacquer is useful for making tiny 'rhinestones' gems and candies for miniature projects.

Acrylic Mediums -Additives that Create Texture
Acrylic paint mediums can be used to create textures and finishes that aid in miniature projects. This gallery shows the most common types of mediums and discusses some of their uses for miniaturists.

Scenic Snow from Deluxe Materials
Scenic Snow from Deluxe Materials is a product which reproduces the effect of fallen snow for doll house and Christmas village scale scenes and railroads as well as models and gaming miniatures. It is easy to apply and use.

Glue N Glaze from Deluxe Materials
Glue 'N' Glaze from Deluxe Materials is a water based canopy or window film glue capable of producing very thin flexible films for creating tiny windows, lenses, or gluing in clear parts which need to flex.

Fine Flocking for Miniature Projects
A review of Doodlebug Crushed Velvet Flock and its applications for miniature textures.

Review of Scenic Rust by Deluxe Materials
Review of Scenic Rust, designed to create the look of rust in miniature on all paintable surfaces.

Simulate Water and Liquids with Epoxy Resin
Tips on using epoxy resins to simulate water effects in miniatures and scale scenes.

Miniature Mosaic Craft Tiles
Tiny plastic mosaic tiles sold for decorating cards are also useful for creating scale miniature tile effects and mosaics.

Scribed Wood Siding Exterior Finishes for Model Buildings and Dolls Houses.
Thin scribed wood is available as an easily cut material available in sheet and strip forms with a range of spacings for different types of scale siding effects. .

Scale Miniature Pebble Dash and 'Flint' or Pebble Finishes for Model...
Scale Miniature Pebble Dash and 'Flint' or Pebble Finishes for Model Buildings and Dolls House Exteriors

Marvy Uchida Snow Marker
A description of Snow Markers by Mary Uchida and how they may be used for miniature and model projects on a variety of materials.

Stewart Dollhouse Creations Frosting Kit
Review of the Frosting Kits from Stewart Dollhouse Creations for dollhouse miniature foods and baking.

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