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Make Tiny Fluffy Bunnies in Dolls House Scale for Baskets or Decorations


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The Finished Miniature Bunny
Two Easter bunnies, one standing, one sitting, ready for a dollhouse Easter basket.

Two dolls house miniature Easter bunnies made from 4mm pompoms.

Photo copyright 2009 Lesley Shepherd, Licensed to About.com Inc.

Here you can see two miniature bunnies ready to add to a dolls house scale Easter basket. As they are so lightweight and tiny I had to hold them in place with museum wax in order to photograph them. Although I have shown the bunnies made white, you can easily color the pompoms or cotton balls with fabric markers or paints to create colored bunnies. You can also use this technique to make the heads for bunny slippers for dolls house residents.

If you are making a scale scene, these little bunnies can be tucked under thickets of greenery where they can look very realistic. You can make larger bunnies as parents if you wish. In the scale shown, these would be baby rabbits, rather than adults.

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