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Make Tiny Fluffy Bunnies in Dolls House Scale for Baskets or Decorations


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Shape the Miniature Bunny's Head
A 4mm pompom is rolled to a slight point to make a head shape for a miniature Easter bunny.

Shape the head for a dolls house Easter bunny by rolling a pompom to a slight point.

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Shape the Bunny's Head To shape a pompom or cotton ball into a head for a miniature bunny, pinch it in your fingers to flatten it slightly and then roll it on one side to form a bit of a point for the nose (see photo). Once you have it the shape you want, push the pointed end of a pin up into the head through the neck so that you can hold the head in place while you glue on the features.

Add Eyes to the Head When you have shaped a nose, glue beads on either side of the head, slightly above the nose for the eyes. If you don't have small beads you can use polymer clay, paint the eyes on, or use a pin to make tiny circles of paint on a tile or dish, and glue the little circles on for eyes when the paint is completely dry.

Make the Bunny's Nose To make the bunny's nose, take a tiny piece of pink thread and roll it into a tiny ball. Glue it in place on the bunny's head. You may need to put some glue behind the edges of the ball with the point of a pin to get the nose to sit better on the face. In the photo above the nose isn't glued down completely yet. If you don't have pink thread or wool, you can use pink chalk or paint to give your bunny a nose.

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