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Make Miniature 'Chocolate' Panorama Easter Eggs From Polymer Clay


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Make Miniature / Dolls House 'Chocolate' Panoramic Easter Eggs From Polymer Clay
Panorama Easter egg in dolls house scale.

A decorated dolls house scale panorama Easter egg sits on a stand made from a disc shaped bead.

Photo Copyright 2011 Lesley Shepherd

Panorama Easter eggs, eggs with scenes set inside them, have always fascinated collectors. These miniature eggs can have all the same features, yet be small enough for a dolls house display of chocolates, or small and light enough for special beads for earrings or other jewellery. If you don't want to work as tiny as these 1:12 scale eggs shown here, use the same techniques to make larger panorama eggs for this year's Easter display tree, or make individual eggs with names as custom place cards for your Easter dinner. The themes in these panoramic eggs can be whatever you wish. Traditionally the panoramic eggs used paper cutouts as well as three dimensional miniatures for their scenes. If you wish you can use miniature printables or bits cut from small scenes to extend the views in your tiny eggs.

Although they may look 'impossibly small' to many of you, these eggs aren't actually all that difficult to make. This is one of the 'have a go' miniatures. You may surprise yourself and have a true 'tiny treasure'.

To Make the Miniature Panoramic Easter Eggs You Will Need

  • Polymer Clay - Burnt Umber (deep chocolate brown) or a custom chocolate mix as shown in the polymer clay color blend gallery as well as small amounts of other colors (white and light colors) for the panorama scene and exterior decorations if you wish.
  • Polymer Clay Blade - or a thin sharp craft knife to cut and trim your baked clay.
  • Thick Acrylic Paint - Tube acrylic paint, white and other colors for decorating the seam of the egg (or you can use ribbon)
  • PVA (white) glue or cyanoacrylate (super) glue to hold the halves of the egg together. If you make all the pieces of the panorama from items which withstand the oven temperature used for polymer clay, you can also use liquid polymer clay to "glue" the egg together.
  • Items to Use For the Panorama - micro beads, bits of ribbon, bits of thread, glitter, small bits of polymer clay or air dry clay, flocking.
  • Two part silcon mold putty to make molds for the hollow half eggs.
  • Baby Powder / Talcum Powder - as a release agent to keep polymer clay from sticking to the master shape. Water or oil may work as well, depending on the clay.
  • Bent Nose Tweezers
  • Fine Pin
  • Small Plastic zip lock bag or glue syringe, to use as a 'piping bag' for thick acrylic paint 'icing' on the exterior of the egg.

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