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Make Dollhouse Scale Marshmallow Easter Treats


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Make Dollhouse Scale Miniature "Marshmallow" Chicks and Bunnies
Dollhouse scale miniature Easter marshmallow treats in the hands of a 1:12 scale doll

Dollhouse scale miniature 'marshmallow' Easter treats shaped like bunnies and chicks.

Photo © 2012 Lesley Shepherd

The chicks and bunnies shown here are made in 1:12 scale to closely resemble Easter marshmallow candy treats. The treats may be made with a couple of different techniques. As shown here they are made from air dry Delight clay, which closely resembles marshmallows when dry, and which is easy to shape and color. If you prefer, you can make the treats from polymer clay, but they will not have the same texture or sponginess as the air dry clay miniatures. If you are used to using a piping bag for cake decorations, you can use a small icing tip or a glue syringe to 'pipe' the miniature 'marshmallow' chicks from tube acrylic paint. Pipe the bodies first and allow them to dry before you pipe the heads and necks onto the bodies.

Materials Used to Make Miniature Marshmallow Chicks and Bunnies:

  • Delight air dry clay, or other air dry clay or polymer clay
  • Fine Soft Paint Brush
  • Tubes of Watercolor Paint - I used lemon yellow and opera rose (for pink).
  • Fine Black Pen - to mark eyes
  • Scrap of Heavy Aluminum Foil or a Recycled Aluminum Pie or Tart Tin
  • Spoon - to smooth out aluminum foil
  • Bent Nose Tweezers - for bending aluminum foil
  • Sharp Scissors - to cut foil
  • Wire or Wood Skewers to shape the rabbit's body
  • Waste Polymer Clay - to make handle for custom cutter.

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