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Make Front Opening Doors For A Dolls House or Baby House


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Dolls House Doors To Hide Clutter and Keep Out Dust
Two asymetric doors on the front of a baby house or bookcase, ready for final finish and trim.

A simple baby house fitted with doors ready for quoin and cornice trim.

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Front opening doors offer quick access to a dolls house roombox or miniature collection but can also decorate a regular piece of furniture. They are very useful on a child's dolls house as they help keep contents in one place, and when closed, give everything a neat appearance, regardless of the state of the contents. For children, front opening doors are an echo of the real world and at particular stages of their development they like the intrigue of a dolls house where things are hidden behind an opening.

The same type of doors can be used on the back of a regular dolls house to keep the contents dust free.

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