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Make Opening Doors for Dollhouses and Other Model Buildings


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Make Custom Dollhouse Doors or Doors for Scale Model Buildings
Simple dolls house door with window and panel trim.

Finished dolls house door made with a three layer sandwich construction to set glazing and basic panels.

Photo © 2011 Lesley Shepherd

Custom dolls house doors are easily made for any scale of dollhouse and other model buildings using craft wood or bookboard/davey board and simple handtools. These illustrated instructions show you a 'sandwich' technique suitable for making doors with glazing or panels. This technique can be used with flat wood stocks and does not require special moldings or stock that has a router cut channel to hold the glass in place in the door. The technique is the basic one for making a range of panelled doors, doors with glazing, or boarded doors and doors with a range of trims.

The technique can be used with a variety of hinging methods as well. You can insert hinges between the center layer and the outer trim, to hold small metal hinges in place. The weakest point of dollhouse and model building door hinges in scale, is always the tiny pins used to hold the hinge in place. While it takes a bit of concentration and planning, sandwiching the hinge between the center of the door and the trim will give your metal hinges a lot of extra support. If you want to make miniature hinges, here are the instructions for the basic technique of making opening hinges you can make your own custom hinges from scrap metal from tins or cans, or from thin sheet brass.

An alternative method of hinging doors especially for smaller scales, is to hinge them with plastic or fabric, sometimes thin leather hinges glued inside the door. You can view this technique in action on the doors for the miniature stable and use it to create hinged doors in smaller scales.

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