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Make Miniature and Dollhouse Scale Stone Steps and Stairs From Foam and Clay


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Cut the Foam Sections of Your Miniature Faux Stone Steps To Shape
Single step for a faux stone staircase in miniature, made from foamcore board.

Single step for a miniature stone effect staircase cut from foamcore board.

Photo © 2011 Lesley Shepherd

Once you have determined what height and space your stairs should occupy, you can cut out the pieces so that each piece will stack on top of the lower layer. For custom shapes, like the semi-circular stairs I show in the example, use a plate, or a large compass, or pencil tied to string which is pinned to the centre of your foam, to draw the curved edge.

This system of stacking your steps means your lowest step will be the total length of your staircase, the step above that will be the lowest step length, minus the run of the lowest step and so on. To make sure you don't make a mistake, cut your lowest (longest) step section first, and measure each successive cut against the one just before it, to make sure your steps stack up properly.

Try to keep the foam edges as straight as possible, this will make the process of covering your steps with air dry clay much easier.

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