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Make Dollhouse Windows or Miniature Windows for Your Model Buildings


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Make Dolls House or Model Building Windows in a Range of Styles and Scales
Opening casement window for a dolls house

An opening casement window for a dolls house fitting with muntin strips, and using a simple dressmakers pin for a hinge.

Photo © 2011 Lesley Shepherd

Dollhouse windows, or windows for other scale buildings are easy to make. If you learn to make windows following these instructions, you will save a lot of money on building projects as well as learn to create custom designs that suit your period or style. The windows shown in these instructions have been made with craft stripwood (bass or tilia / lime) but they can also be made with other hardwoord strip wood. The windows can be fitted with thin glass (try glass from old picture frames) or clear acrylic sheet. Many plastic shops sell plastic sheet (lexan or other types) in 1/16 inch thicknesses. This is usually sold by the foot. Some dolls house shops will also sell sheet plastic suitable for windows in the window section of their building supplies, (Earth and Tree are one).

To make your own windows you need to know:

  • The opening size of the window (if you are fitting a replacement into an existing dolls house or roombox)
  • The thickness of the walls of your roombox or dolls house. Most commercial windows fit walls 3/8 thick, but there are some windows which fit narrower or thicker walls.
  • The thickness of the material you are using for your 'glass'
  • How you want the window to open (if you want it to open)
  • The details you want on your windows - muntins or separators, curved muntins, crossbars,or other trims.

Note: If you will be storing your dollhouse where it will be exposed to sunlight, make sure you choose a uv resistant plastic for your 'glass' which will not yellow in sunlight. Do not use real glass for windows in houses which will be played with by children. If you can't find thick enough plastic for windows, you can use thinner sheet plastic or recycled clear plastic packaging, just make sure you adjust the channels for your 'glass' accordingly.

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