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Build an Opening Shop Door For a Dolls House or Model


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Cut the Pieces for the Outer Frame of the Dollhouse Shop Door
Parts to frame a transom style door for a dolls house shop.

Parts cut ready to make an over the door transom frame for a dollhouse scale shop door.

Photo © 2011 Lesley Shepherd

All the framing pieces for the Dollhouse Shop Door are cut from 1/8 inch thick material, 3/8 inches wide. If you are building the door frame with a transom window you will need two uprights, and three cross members to fit between the uprights. If you do not want a window above the door, you will only need two cross members. The size of your pieces will depend on how large a transom window you want above your door, and how wide you built your door. See the next step for measuring the door pieces to fit, allowing a slight ease for the opening door. To make measuring easier, determine the size of transom window you want (cut it to fit the opening, the actual view of the window will be smaller because you will hold the window in place with square trim, I used 1/8 inch square stock all around the window and a 1 inch by 2 5/8 inch window.

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