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Making Detailed Miniature Plants for 1:48 Scale Dollhouses and Railroad Scenes


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Make Quarter Scale Delphiniums Using Paper Punches
Tiny quarter scale delphiniums are made from punched paper for a dolls house or O scale railroad.

Quarter scale dolls house or railroad O scale delphiniums are made with a tiny star punch and an oak leaf punch.

Photo copyright 2010 Lesley Shepherd, Licensed to About.com Inc.

These tiny delphiniums can also be made from 3/32 inch five petal punched petals from the vendors mentioned on the first page of these instructions if you prefer to make them from already punched petals.

Punch the Delphinium Flowers - The flowers shown here can be made from tiny pre punched petals, or from small stars from a readily available commercial paper punch. (shown above). The leaves are made from tiny oak leaf paper punches, roughly 1/4 inch long. Delphinium flowers should be punched from dark blue, white, light blue, pink or pale lavender paper.

Shape the Flowers - The flowers are shaped by pressing them gently into an eraser or a computer mouse mat (or sheet of foam) using a small paper embossing tool, rounded toothpick, or spent ballpoint pen.

Set the Flowers on the Stem - Cut a 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 inch length of fine (#28 or #30) paper covered wire. You can used painted wire, but the paper petals stick more easily to paper covered wire which is available from the suppliers listed on the first page of these instructions or from general craft stores in the floral department. Dip the top 1/2 to 3/4 inch of the wire in PVA Glue and then using tweezers, press the shaped flowers into the glue on the wire beginning at the top and working around the top, then down the wire as shown in the sample above. Set the flower head aside to dry.

Punch the Leaves - Punch five to six small oak leaves per plant from dark green paper.

Set the Leaves on the Base of the Plant - Dip the stem of a leaf in a bit of pva glue and glue it to the wire 1/4 of an inch below your flower head. Turn the stem and apply more leaves until you have a base group of five to six leaves clustered tightly together. Leave the bottom 1/4 inch of the stem free of leaves.

Plant Your Tiny Delphinium - Use the bottom quarter inch of stem to plant your delphinium in the ground so the base of the leaf cluster is touching the soil.

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