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Making Detailed Miniature Plants for 1:48 Scale Dollhouses and Railroad Scenes


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Make Detailed Flowers for 1:48 or O Scale Gardens, Dollhouses and Railroads
Detailed quarter or O scale flowering plants decorate a dolls house or railway house.

Detailed miniature plants including roses, sunflowers, delphiniums and daylilies decorate a quarter scale (1:48) O scale railroad house. Plants from Lesley's Garden

Photo copyright 2010 Lesley Shepherd, Licensed to About.com Inc.

It wasn't very long ago that O scale was the children's railroad scale, with simple landscaping and detailing suited to child's play. As the scale becomes increasingly popular in the dolls house collectors market, a wider range of accessories and housing styles are becoming common.

The instructions which follow allow you to make detailed flowering plants which can be used to landscape or decorate the interior of a quarter scale scene or house. These instructions use commonly available materials. More detailed miniature landscaping materials suitable for quarter scale (petals, kits, punches and other items) can be obtained through online dolls house plant specialists. At least two companies will ship specific pre punched petal shapes in your choice of colors, including petals suitable for 1:48 scale. These are The Miniature Garden Center in the UK (available at shows and through mail order) and through Hanky Panky Crafts in the U.S.

To make it easy to plant your scale landscape, use a base of dry florist's foam (at least 1/4 inch thick) or pieces of modelling clay or florist's clay to hold the plants. If you use dry florist's foam, you can spray it with a thin layer of spray glue (pva or artist's adhesive) then cover it with a very thin layer of fine dried sandy soil (african violet soil works well). If you use pva glue you should add your plants as soon as the soil is in place or you may find it difficult to push the stems of your plants through the glue layer into the foam after the glue has dried.

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