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Steps to a Simple Floral Arrangement


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Make a Simple Floral Arrangement With Four Easy Steps
Dollhouse scale Christmas arrangement featuring a candle and pine branches

Branches of pine made from treated thread, berries, a candle, ribbon and twisted branches form a simple table arrangement for a dolls house.

Photo © 2012 Lesley Shepherd

Although I've shown this in doll's house scale, the same method can be used to make a full sized floral arrangement. Just make sure you use a base that will support your silk or real flowers!

Materials Needed to Make a Simple Floral Arrangement

  • Foam Base - for the dollhouse arrangment I used half of a styrofoam 'berry' salvaged from a wreath pick ornament. For a "real" arrangement you can use dry or wet floral arrangement foam secured to a suitable dish. You can also use modelling clay in a dish for a dolls house arrangement.
  • Greenery - I used Miniature Pine Boughs to green my arrangement, but you can use lycopodium moss, other mosses, small leaved silk plants, or for full sized arrangements, full sized greenery, silk, dried or fresh.
  • Ribbon Bow
  • Decorative bits - I used bits of paper wrapped wire and beads to add some interest. In real size you can use bits of wood or ornaments sized to suit your arrangement.
  • Focal Point - for my arrangement I used a section of a birthday candle, trimmed to mimic a full size candle. You can also use other miniature flowers, or for full size arrangements, a few silk or fresh flower stems.

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