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Make a Range of Brightly Colored Single Paper Dahlias in Dolls' House Scales


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Choose a Paper Punch for Dollhouse Miniature Dahlia Petals
Daisy paper punches used to make dollhouse miniature dahlias.

Different sized daisy paper punches used to make single dahlias in a range of dolls' house scales.

Photo © 2012 Lesley Shepherd

The single flowered dahlias I am making in this tutorial use eight petals per flower and the single flowered dahlias are a scale three to four inches in diameter. To make single dahlias in your chosen dolls' house scale you will need teardrop shaped petals which are roughly 1 1/2 inches long in your chosen scale.

For 1:12 scale dahlias, I used a daisy paper punch with half inch diameter (12mm) daisies. You can also use a paper punch which punches individual teardrop shaped petals the correct size for your scale. Heart shapes cut in half through the lobe and the point may also give you petals the correct size. The daisy shaped punch is the easiest to use in terms of shaping and coloring the petals.

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