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Make a Range of Brightly Colored Single Paper Dahlias in Dolls' House Scales


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Finish Shaping Your Dollhouse Dahlia Flowers
Bouquet of single paper dahlias in dollhouse scale.

Bouquet of various colored single dahlias made from punched paper petals in dollhouse scale.

Photo © 2012 Lesley Shepherd

To prepare your dollhouse dahlias for miniature floral arrangements or to set them into miniature garden scenes, use your fingers to gently flatten the flower heads once all the petals are firmly glued to the wire stem.

Take your bent nose tweezers and set them just below the the ring of petals on the stem. Bend the stem gently so that the flower is angled from the vertical. A range of flower angles makes it easier to create realistic arrangements.

To arrange the flowers in a container, use florist's clay or floral foam set into the container and gently fit the wires into the foam or floral clay.

Have fun playing with your dahlias. The bouquet shown here has no two flowers alike for the purposes of this tutorial. For a floral arrangement I would probably make a range of similar colors blended to suit my display.

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