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Make a Range of Brightly Colored Single Paper Dahlias in Dolls' House Scales


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Make Single Flowered Dahlias in Several Dolls House Scales
Bouquet of single paper dahlias in dollhouse scale.

Bouquet of various colored single dahlias made from punched paper petals in dollhouse scale. Shown in a Pitcher made by Elisabetta Buffatti of Minipottery Italy

Photo © 2012 Lesley Shepherd

Dahlias, the national flower of Mexico, are native to Mexico, Central America and Columbia. Introduced to Europe in 1789, they are found in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colorways, making them a great subject for dolls house scale flower arrangements and gardens.

The single flowered dahlias in this tutorial can be easily made in pastels or bright colors. I've shown them made hand colored using regular printer paper, but you will get a better finish if you use a lightweight drawing paper or airmail weight paper for your flowers. If you are a beginner, try coloring your paper first, allow it to dry, then punch your petals. As you become better at working with miniatures, try to add more detail to your flowers with the techniques in this tutorial.

To make these miniature dahlia flowers I used the following materials:

  • Printer Paper - or a lightweight drawing paper. Use an acid neutral or lignin free paper if possible.
  • Inktense Pencils or watercolor pencils Buy Direct - You can also use watercolor paints
  • Fine Paintbrush - I use a fine spotter or liner for these flower petals.
  • PVA (White) Glue
  • Fine Curved Scissors
  • Round Ended Embossing Tool - with a fine tip.
  • Daisy Paper Punch - see photo on page two of this tutorial
  • Fine pin or needle
  • Paper Wrapped Florist Wire - I used #24 gauge wire for 1:12 scale dahlias
  • Firm Eraser or foam mousepad or craft foam - to shape the petals on.
  • Bent Nose Tweezers
  • Fine Sand or Flocking
  • Yellow Acrylic Paint - I use Hansa yellow for flower centers.

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