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Make Realistic Miniature Morning Glory Vines in a Range of Dollhouse Scales


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Punch or Cut Heart Shaped Leaves for Scale Miniature Morning Glory Vines
A heart shaped punch is used to make miniature morning glory leaves for 1:12 and 1:24 scale

Miniature morning glory vine leaves are punched from paper with a heart shaped punch, or handcut for 1:48 scale.

Photo © 2011 Lesley Shepherd

Use the appropriate size punch for your particular flower scale to cut heart shapes from thin dark green paper for your morning glory vines. The most realistic leaves will be made from dark green painted paper, with a slight gloss finish.

To make leaves for tiny 1:48 scale morning glory vines, fold a thin strip of green paper in half lengthwise and use sharp curved scissors to cut half hearts on the fold. Carefully set your cut or punched hearts on a piece of craft foam, a foam mousepad, or an eraser, and use an embossing tool to draw a line down the center of the heart to form a leaf vein.

In the photo on this page you can see the hearts being punched from a thick piece of green paper which has been split and opened to make a thinner layer of paper more suitable for 1:24 scale leaves.

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