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Make A Dollhouse Scale Miniature Christmas, Easter or Thanksgiving Cactus


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Roughly Trim the Christmas Cactus Branches to Shape
Covering paper is trimmed to the shape of the wire support on a dolls house scale Christmas cactus.

The covering paper on a wire branch for a dolls house miniature Christmas cactus is trimmed back to 1/8 inch away from the center wire.

Photo copyright 2010 Lesley Shepherd, Licensed to About.com Inc.

When the paper covering on your miniature Christmas cactus branches has thoroughly dried, it is time to trim the branches to the rough shape shown in the photo. You want to leave approximately 1/8 of an inch of paper on either side of the wire on each section of your branch.

When you have trimmed all the branches to their rough shape, check that the edges are still neatly glued together, and that the base of the flower buds is covered with paper. If not, apply a bit more glue or a few scraps of paper to the branch.

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