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Make A Dollhouse Scale Miniature Christmas, Easter or Thanksgiving Cactus


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Glue the Wire Christmas Cactus Branches to a Paper Backing
Wire branch of a dolls house Christmas Cactus is covered with paper glued on one side.

The wire branch of a miniature christmas cactus is glue to a paper backing which touches the base of the petals and is cut to the rough shape of the branch.

Photo copyright 2010 Lesley Shepherd, Licensed to About.com Inc.

To make recognizable 'leaves' for your Christmas cactus you need to cover the wire branches with paper. Take your wire branch with its miniature flowers and buds and flatten the wires against your work surface. Separate out the sections of your branch so that they are roughly 1/4 inch apart. Hold the wire over a piece of regular weight paper and trim the paper so it sits just above the base of each flower or bud. Trim the paper roughly between the branches, leaving 1/8 inch of paper on either side of the wire for each branch (see photograph). Remove the wire branch and apply a neat coating of glue to the paper. Set the wire branch back on the paper, so that the buds are just below the edges where you trimmed them, and press the wire firmly into the glue on the paper. While the glue is still wet, proceed to the next step.

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