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Use Twigs to Make a Rustic Miniature Bed in Several Model Scales


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Making Dowelled Joins to Strengthen Miniature Furniture Made From Twigs
Dowels made from toothpicks inserted into twigs to join sections for a miniature rustic bed.

A mini drill can be used to make holes for dowels made from toothpicks to join curved surfaces together for a rustic bed.

Photo © 2011 Lesley Shepherd

Although you have curved your twigs to fit snugly against each other by sanding the ends, the joins between twigs can be very weak. Sand the bark off the upright sections where the joins will meet to make sure the join is wood to wood, rather than wood to bark.

To add even more strength, glue small sections of wood dowel (I used toothpicks) into holes in the ends of your twigs where the joins will be. Use a miniature drill or pin vise to drill short holes suitable for sections of toothpick, and glue the toothpick into the hole as shown in the photo on this page.

When it comes time to assemble the bed section, drill a corresponding hole into the other piece that needs to be joined, and apply a bit of glue to the exposed end of the dowel that will go into it. Insert the dowel on one piece into the hole on the other, and press them together firmly, clamping them if possible. Leave to dry.

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