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Use Twigs to Make a Rustic Miniature Bed in Several Model Scales


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Make a Rustic Bed from Twigs for a Miniature Scene
A poseable miniature felt mouse lies on a moss mattress in a bed made from twigs.

Poseable felt mouse on a mattress of moss in a bed made from twigs.

Photo © 2011 Lesley Shepherd

This rustic miniature bed is made from twigs, and matches the other rustic furniture pieces, the miniature twig table and the miniature twig chair. The bed needs careful shaping to strengthen the joins. I suggest if your scale is large enough, you use dowels cut from toothpicks to help hold your bed together. A flat wooden mattress support or lengths of wooden coffee stir sticks glued to the edges of the bed will help make the bed more secure as well. For this photo the miniature mouse is posed on a mattress made of moss. Moss mattresses are bulky, so you may wish to use a thinner fabric mattress, or place bedding so that the mattress isn't on view.

You can make your own poseable felt mouse like that shown in these instructions if you wish. He is made in 1:24 scale, although the pattern can be adjusted. There are also instructions for a Woodland House made from recyled materials, and shown in the photos in 1:24 scale.

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