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Make Simple Tables for Dolls House or Scale Model Scenes


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Make Dollhouse and Scale Model Tables With Basic Techniques and Simple Tools
A simple kitchen table in dolls house scale ready for final sanding and finishing.

A simple miniature kitchen table in dolls house scale is ready for final sanding and finishing.

Photo copyright 2010 Lesley Shepherd, Licensed to About.com Inc.

Dolls House Miniature tables like the simple dollhouse kitchen table shown here are useful in many scale model scenes. The tables can be designed as work benches for a shop in a railway scene, used as display tables for dolls house scale fairs or craft stalls, or built in different shapes and heights for cafe's, diners, and shops, or made the right size for end tables, bedside tables, or coffee tables.

The instructions that follow show how to construct a simple rectangular table with legs securely held in place by a table apron that supports the table top. With a little practise you can move on to making tables where the legs are glued on the outside corners of the apron, potting tables with an apron expanded to make a back wall, or tables with extra detailing or more elaborate tops or legs.

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