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Make Opening Base Cabinets for a Dolls House Fitted Kitchen


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Make Base Cabinets for a Custom Dollhouse Kitchen
Dollhouse kitchen base cabinet with shaker style door.

Dollhouse kitchen base cabinet unit with an opening drawer and door.

Photo © 2012 Lesley Shepherd

Shown here without a countertop or a toe kick / plinth, these simple dolls house kitchen base cabinets are easy to make with or without a drawer and with a range of different styles of doors and counter tops. Like the miniature night table this is a good first project for building miniature furniture with drawers or shelves. Only simple butt joints are used to make the cabinets which can be made using hand tools.

I've designed the cabinets in a size to fit up with existing miniature stoves and other kitchen accessories. Most miniature kitchen base pieces are 50mm or 2 inches deep. If you plan on extending your kitchen with commercially available pieces, you may be best to purchase the commercial pieces before you start making your own cabinets in order to match your cabinets to the commercial pieces. Delph Miniatures and Elf Miniatures are the main suppliers of custom dollhouse kitchen cabinets and fittings. They have appliances and parts for do it yourself kitchens as well as full kitchen designs. These should also be purchase before setting your base cabinets on a plinth, to make sure they match the height of any below counter appliances. If you aren't sure how to lay out the cabinet design in your miniature kitchen, Elf Miniatures have a very clear pdf (acrobat reader required) on How to Plan Your Elf Fit Kitchen which explains how to work out the sizes of cabinets and how to fit in appliances. They also have a great set of gallery photos to discuss how to maximize the effect of your dollhouse kitchen by adjusting the layout.

The instructions shown here are for a standard kitchen cabinet with a drawer above and door below. Generally 2 foot wide kitchen cabinets have single doors, while sink cabinets or wider cabinets 2 1/2 to 3 feet wide have paired doors. I will post instructions for making sinks, faucets, upper cabinets, and other base cabinet styles in future sets of instructions.

The cabinets can be finished with traditional painted finishes, or faux finishes to resemble woods like mahogany. Eventually, when you have assembled all your base cabinets, you can make a faux marble or a faux granite or tile countertop to fit all the cabinets, sink, and appliances.

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