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Finish the Back, Seat and Leg Rails On Your Miniature Chair
Easy to make dolls house wooden kitchen chair in 1:12 scale.

An easy to make simple wooden kitchen chair in 1:12 dolls house scale.

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Glue the Side Assemblies Together

To finish your miniature chair, glue the two chair side assemblies together, making sure the bottoms of the feet are positioned flat against a securely clamped or square surface. Apply a thin layer of glue to the back of the chair seat and the top of the three chair supports. Press the seat firmly against the top of the chair supports and press it gently back against the back rail. Turn the chair upside down with the seat held against a square surface and the front and back rails clamped in place until the chair seat assembly dries.

Fit the Back of the Chair

When the chair seat is dry and the chair can be checked to make sure the legs and seat are square, measure and cut the back section (or sections depending on your design) of the chair. For the back of my chair I cut a 7/8 inch long section of strip wood and used files and sandpaper to round the center of hte back down, and round the top corners. I used the same technique to round either side of the underside of the back (see photo) This style of back can also have a strip in the center of the chair back running from the backs support down to the back seat brace. If you choose to use a plain strip of wood across the top of the chair back you also have the opportunity to create an upholstered back for your chair. See the instructions for simple upholstery of a miniature chair to learn how to upholster the back and seat of a miniature chair.

Add Leg Rails

If you wish you can add leg rails to your chair to help keep it glued square. Carefully measure the sections needed between the legs, measuring all the lengths the same height from the floor. The back ends of the side leg rails will need to be angled to fit the angled back legs unless you chose to make a chair with a straight back leg. Glue the leg rails in place and brace the legs on all four sides to apply some pressure to the joins while the glue dries.

Remember that your first attempt at a chair may not be perfect. Chairs are very good practise for careful measuring and cutting of wood as they have so many parts which need to fit exactly together. If your first chair doesn't turn out the way you wanted analyse what went wrong, or what you don't like abou your design and make appropriate modifications to your next chair. You'll be amazed by how many styles you can create once you get the hang of chair making!

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