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Make Dolls House Chairs From Wood


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Make Dollhouse Kitchen or Dining Chairs From Wood
Dollhouse doll stands beside a  simple wooden kitchen chair and table in dolls house scale.

A doll stands beside a simple wooden dollhouse table and chair.

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Scale miniature and dolls house chairs can be easily made in a range of styles using simple woodworking techniques. The instructions which follow show you how to make a basic chair with a back leg that extends to hold the braces for the back of the chair. You can adjust the shape of legs , the height of the back and the shape of the slats to make kitchen chairs, dining chairs, desk chairs, or bar stools.

I've shown the chair assembly using simple butt joins, but if you have a pin vise drill or a fine archimedes drill and a draw plate, or some round toothpicks and sandpaper, you can make more solid joins for your chair by drilling small holes in the center of the joins and gluing the joins together with fitted pieces of dowel, pinning the joins.

Standard Chair Measurements - Chairs vary widely in size. I based the chair in this tutorial on a simple wooden kitchen chair from the 1930's. Modern chairs and dining chairs tend to be sized at the larger end of the range. These measurements are for full size chairs. You will need to choose a scale and decide on your own measurements for your miniature chair.

  • Seat Height Most dining and kitchen chairs have seats which are seventeen to eighteen inches above the floor
  • Back Height From Floor - Simple kitchen chairs range from roughly 33 to 38 inches high measured from the floor to the top of the chair back. Particular styles of chairs tend to have higher backs, ladder back chairs for example.
  • Seat Depth - Simple chairs are 15 to 20 inches deep. Modern chairs tend to have deeper seats than antique chairs.
  • Seat Width - The back of a chair seat is usually between 14 and 18 inches wide. The front of the seat is often wider, up to 22 inches wide.

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