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Make A Simple Dollhouse Miniature Night Table With A Drawer or Shelving


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Fit The Dollhouse Night Table Drawer
A finished dolls house drawer is fitted into a night table or bedside table in dollhouse scale.

The finished night table drawer is fitted into the dolls house night table, or bedside table frame to check that the drawer moves freely and fits squarely in the frame.

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When the drawer assembly is dry, fit the drawer into the night table case, making sure it will move freely between the sides. If you plan on a heavy paint coat, you may want to sand the sides slightly to allow for the thickness of the paint.

Check that the outside edges of the drawer are flush with each other and sand them if necessary. As wood swells slightly with humidity changes, do not make your drawer so tight that it will stick if it swells. Leave some room on either side and the top to allow free movement of the drawer.

If you will be attaching a handle to the drawer, measure the position of the hole (or holes) and fit the handle in place. It will make it much easier to remove the drawer after you glue the support shelf in place. If you are not using a handle on your drawer front, use a file to cut a rectangle or half an oval shape opening on the upper edge of the drawer similar to a modern cut away pull. If the drawer sticks, you will be able to insert the end of a toothpick or a dental tool to gently maneuver it out.

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