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Make A Simple Dollhouse Miniature Night Table With A Drawer or Shelving


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Mark the Support Positions for the Miniature Night Table Drawers or Shelves
The wood for the drawer face marks the lines for the drawer support for a miniature night table.

The wood used for the front face of the dolls house night table drawer is used to mark the placement of the drawer support.

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When you have cut the case pieces for your miniature night table, line up the side pieces so the ends match exactly, and use the stripwood you will make the drawer front from, as a guide to mark the position of the drawer support on the sides. You need to mark this on the inside surface of the sides, so that you can keep your shelf support square when you glue it in place.

To mark the shelf support, line the strip of wood you will use for the drawer front up with the top edge of the side pieces and lightly mark a line on the bottom edge of the drawer front stock. If you will be making an inset drawer (one where the drawer support shelf is seen as a framing piece for the drawer) draw another line below the first one, making the space between the two lines equal to the thickness of the wood you are using for your upper shelf or drawer support.

If you want your drawer front to cover the shelf support, make your second line above the first line, making the space between the lines equal to the the thickness of the wood you are using for your upper shelf or drawer support.

To help keep your bottom shelf square to the case of your night table, line the night table back up with the top of the sides, and draw a line across the sides where the base of the back meets the sides. That line will help you glue the bottom of the night table square to the case when you assemble it.

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