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Make an Easy Doll Bed For Miniature or Fashion Dolls


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Materials Needed to Make a Doll or Dollhouse Bed From Wood or Card
Assorted wood, wood glue and a scale template used to make a doll bed in dolls house scale.

Assorted wood, wood glue and a scale template used to make a doll bed in a range of dolls house scales.

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To Make A Doll's Bed You Will Need:

  • Printable Template For Dolls House Scale Beds, see list at the end of this set of materials for a template in the appropriate scale.
  • Craft wood or card (for smaller scales) - for a 1:12 scale bed I used 3/8 inch by 1/8 inch wood for the bed side rails, stir sticks for the mattress support slats, long wooden matches (or 1/8 inch square stock for the mattress support rails, 3/32 inch thick wood for the head and footboard, and 3/16 inch square stock for the bed posts. For other scales the bed rails should represent something like a six inch wide piece of wood in full size, and a three to four inch square post (if it was in full size). I used an oval shape of pre cut craft wood to create the headboard shown, using the template to cut it to size.
  • Trims if Desired - I used beads to top the bed posts
  • Wood Glue / Carpenter's Glue
  • Sharp Craft Knife
  • Miter Box and Saw.
  • Metal Ruler.
  • Wood Files and Sanding Block
  • Wood Clamps

Printable Templates for Dolls House Scale Bed Parts for Single and Double Sized Beds (in Adobe Reader, pdf format)

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