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Make a Basic Doll's House Cupboard or Armoire With Opening Doors


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Make a Miniature Dollhouse Armoire or Cupboard With Opening Doors
A simply constructed dolls house scale armoire with shaker doors is shown beside a doll for scale

A simply constructed dolls house scale armoire with shaker doors is shown beside a doll for scale

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This dollhouse cupboard or armoire is a simple piece of dolls' house furniture based on building a basic box with doors. This piece can be built in endless variety, used for clothes cupboards, alchemist's supplies, linens, china, or sized to make a range of kitchen cabinets.

The piece lends itself to simple modification to create a variety of styles. The simple shaker style doors shown, can be replaced with plain square flat doors for a more contemporary look. Doors can be divided with muntins to create a panelled style, or given curves to make the piece feel more French provincial. Made of basic craft basswood, or lime wood, the piece can be painted, or have a decorative finish applied. You can shorten the doors, and make simple drawers that fit between shelves at the base of the piece, or use a shortened form as the bottom of a kitchen hutch or dresser.

To Make This Dolls House Armoire You Will Need:

  • Craft Wood - I used 1 inch by 1/16 inch basswood strips (use wider strips if you want an armoire which is more than 1 foot deep in scale. You may need to cut down a wider strip), 1/4 inch by 1/16 inch basswood strips, three inch by 1/16 inch basswood boards, and scraps of three inch by 1/8 inch basswood board to make this three 1/4 by six 1/2 inch armoire in 1:12 scale.
  • Razor Saw
  • Miter Box
  • Wood Glue or PVA Glue
  • Glue Spreader
  • Sanding Block and Sandpaper
  • Scale Brass Nails or dressmaker's pins, cut to length and filed to a point.
  • Clamps and or Gluing Jig
  • Beads or Scale Door Handles - you could make wooden handles following the instructions for the hanging pegs on the dollhouse shelf.

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