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Profile of JBM Dolls House Furniture - Well Made Miniatures in Classic Designs


A 1:12 scale cane mahogany finish dolls house chair from JBM miniatures against a mahogany box.

A mahogany finish cane dolls house chair from JBM miniatures in 1:12 scale

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JBM Dollhouse Furniture - Classic Range of Dolls House Furniture from Australia:

John Baker of JBM-UK produces classic quality dollhouse furniture from Australian kiln dried hardwoods in 1:12 and 1:24 scale. The furniture is available in sets and single pieces, mainly in mahogany or walnut finishes, with some pieces also available in a painted finish, and kitchen cabinets available in a maple finish. The furniture is available in Australia, North America and Europe from a number of suppliers, conveniently linked to the JBM website. You can view the entire range on JBM's website which now includes retail prices.

General Design Points:

The JBM range of furniture features clean designs in classic styles. Unlike some other brands of dolls house furniture, there is not always an emphasis on elaborate carving or painting, style lines are allowed to show through. The JBM designs tend to feature documented traditional designs with carvings or details which are not over the top, and which have carved details in keeping with their size. This furniture is not as obviously Asian influenced as some other dolls house furniture lines.

The furniture is made of kiln dried Australian hardwood, mainly finished in walnut or mahogany stains. The stains do allow the wood grain to show through, but they are fairly thick, possibly polyurethane coatings, which occasionally obscure some of the detail. Like other dolls house furniture in this price range, the mahogany stain is very red, and the walnut is warmer than the normal finish associated with walnut. The finishes do match well with other higher end manufactured furniture however. Unfortunately the range in not available unfinished to allow you to apply a more in scale finish to the pieces.

In general, the overall lines of the furniture are good, but slightly heavier than you would find in artisan made furniture, although a similar weight to other manufactured sets. A good effort has been made to use carved details to disguise the thicker cuts whenever possible while keeping the piece strong and able to support the weight of heavily dressed dolls. The size of the wood used does make the furniture fairly sturdy.

The upholstery fabrics used for cushions and chair backs for wood chairs are fairly simple, mainly fine polyester damask which suits the scale of the pieces and has a silk like sheen. Upholstered chairs come in a number of fabric designs, all well in scale to the furniture style. Checks and stripes are well matched and lined up on the various pieces which use them.

The main website from JBM has good photographs of individual pieces and suites, as well as some good basic information on furniture styles and history.

Prices for JBM furniture range from around $25 for an upholstered wing chair with carved 'walnut' legs, to two hundred dollars for a dining room suite. This is a good range of miniature furniture designed to fit into many periods and room settings, well finished for its price range.

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