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Make Dollhouse Miniature Furniture in Several Scales

Free dollhouse furniture plans and step by step photos for a range of miniature furniture pieces in several scales. The furniture can be made from craft wood or card. Includes tables, chairs, beds, armoires, bookcases, shelving and fireplaces.

Make Opening Base Cabinets for a Dolls House Fitted Kitchen
Make these base cabinets with opening drawers and doors for a dollhouse kitchen

Make Hanging Pegs and a Shelf From Craft or Scrap Wood
Make a simple dolls house shelf supported by a rail with hanging pegs made from toothpicks and craft sticks or scale wood.

Make a Fireplace From Wood or an Inexpensive Scale Hutch
Make this scale miniature fireplace for a dollhouse or model scene using craft wood, or pieces taken from a basic dollhouse kitchen hutch.

Make Simple Tables for Dolls House or Scale Model Scenes
Make simple dollhouse or miniature tables in several styles and dolls house or model scales using craft wood. This tutorial will help a child or a beginner build simple wooden furniture in dollhouse or model scales.

Make Simple Legs for a Dollhouse Pedestal Table Using Only Hand Tools
Learn how to make legs for custom pedestal tables using only hand tools.

Make Dolls House Chairs From Wood
Tutorial showing how to make a simple wooden chair in dolls house scale. The chair is glued together with simple butt joins, and parts can be cut with a craft knife or a razor saw from stock sizes of craft wood.

Make a Basic Doll's House Cupboard or Armoire With Opening Doors
Make a basic dollhouse cupboard or armoire with opening doors and shelving. This is a simple miniature project which can be used for many displays.

Make A Dolls House Scale Night, Bedside or End Table
Build this dollhouse scale night table, bedside table, or end table with shelves or drawers. This is an easy project suitable for a beginner to make from craft wood.

Make a Dolls House Bookcase or Shelving With Dado Joints
Make a dolls house bookcase or shelving in your choice of scales, using simple handcut dado joint.

Build a Simple Wooden Chest or Riding Tack Trunk in Dolls House Scale
Build a useful dolls house scale miniature wooden chest or trunk with an opening lid and interior sliding tray.

Make a Miniature Reading Chair From Walnut Shells
This tiny chair for 1:24 scale mice, fairies or calico critters uses walnut shells as a base.

Use Twigs to Make a Rustic Miniature Bed
Make a rustic miniature bed from twigs dowelled and fitted together.

Make Shop Counter Display Cases in Miniature and Dollhouse Scales
Build custom shop counters for dolls house and model scale shops

How to Bend Sheet Acrylic or Plexiglass With Simple Tools
How to bend sheet plexiglass or other acrylic sheet to make miniature furniture or display counters using a butane torch, embossing heat tool, or heat gun.

Make a Dollhouse Scale Pastry Display Case
Make a miniature display case with shelves and a curved, clear front using sheet acrylic.

Make a Dolls House Laundry Sink From Recycled Materials
How to make a dolls house laundry sink from stir sticks and a dipping sauce or salad dressing container.

Make a Simple Bed for a Doll or Dolls House
Make this simple bed for a doll, fashion doll or dolls house doll using scale measurements or templates and simple construction techniques using wood or card.

Make a Dolls House Bed From Wooden Stir Sticks
Make this picket fence style dolls house bed using wooden stir sticks. The same technique can be used to make picket fence sections as well as jump sections for model horse jumps.

Make a Dolls House Child's Chair From Toothpicks and Wooden Stir Sticks
Make this dolls house scale child's chair from toothpicks and wooden stir sticks. This is an easy project which explores furniture construction using simple materials.

Make a Dollhouse Cabin Table – Adirondack Rustic Dollhouse Cabin Table
Step by Step illustrated instructions for making an Adirondack Rustic table for a miniature cabin front porch, in dollhouse or other scale.

Rustic Twig Dollhouse Cabin Chair
Step by Step illustrated instructions for making an Rustic twig chair for a miniature cabin front porch in dollhouse or other scale.

Design and Print Your Own Scale Miniature Fabrics
How to create or modify custom fabric designs for upholstering dolls house furniture or creating drapes or fabrics in smaller scales.

Make a Basic Champagne Cage Chair
How to make a basic patio style wire chair from a champagne cage.

Upholster Cushions for Wooden Dolls House Chairs
Learn how to upholster a wooden dolls house chair with a seat and back cushion.

Pretty Pleat Review - Miniature Pleat Tool for Dollhouse Upholstery & Clothing
Review of Anne Ruff's "Pretty Pleat" tool for making small rounded pleats in fabric and fibre suitable for doll clothing and hair waves.

Modern Miniature Furniture Collectibles
Where to find dollhouse modern suppliers in 1:6,1:12, 1:16 and 1:24 scale including, lights, appliances and accessories.

JBM Furniture - Well Made Dollhouse Furniture in Classic Designs
Profile of JBM miniature dolls house furniture.

Bespaq Furniture - Detailed Manufactured Dollhouse Miniature Furniture
Profile of Bespaq dolls house scale miniature furniture.

Make a Printable Armchair and Coffee Table With A Halloween Design in 1:48 Scale
Make a printable armchair and coffee table with a Halloween design for a 1:48 scale dolls house scene. This template will also work with other papers and fabrics to make a range of 1:48 scale armchairs and love seats.

Make A Bakery Case With a Clear Top and Shelf in Quarter Scale
How to make a bakery case with a clear top and shelf for a quarter scale dolls house bakery scene

Furniture Kits in 1:24 and 1:48 scale From Petite Properties
Review of the half and quarter scale dollhouse furniture kits from Petite Properties.

Modern Furniture for the Dolls House Made From Found Objects
Miniature modern dolls house furniture constructed from a range of found and recycled objects

Cabinets and Furniture for a Custom Dolls House Kitchen
List of customizable cabinet and furniture projects for a model or dolls' house kitchen. These tutorials will help you complete a custom kitchen, or add to your collection.

Rework and Refinish Simple Dollhouse Furnishings
Use these refinishing techniques to turn ho hum pieces of miniature furniture into stunning one of a kind collectibles.

Weave a Simple Dollhouse Miniature Wicker Change Table
Make this dollhouse wicker change table in 1:12 or 1:6 scale using wire and crochet cotton

Use Furniture Placement to Draw A Viewer Into a Miniature Scene
Tips on how to place furniture to improve a miniature scene

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