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Make Realistic Miniature Jelly Desserts and Gelatins From Scenic Water


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Wobbly Jellys, Gelatines and Aspics in Dolls House Scales
A red white and blue layered dollhouse miniature gelatin dessert beside a wobbly gelatine fish.

Wobbly jellies or gelatin desserts from molds in dollhouse scale made with colored layers of scenic water.

Photo copyright 2009 Lesley Shepherd, Licensed to About.com Inc.

Miniature gelatin desserts need to have a convincing wobble to look realistic in scale and dolls house scenes. One particular resin product, Scenic Water from Deluxe Materials, creates a very convincing jelly, and is very easy to use. The only downside of these gelatin like miniatures is that they do have a slightly soft surface which will attract dust. If you want them in a dolls house scene, try to place them somewhere dust free.

What is Scenic Water

Scenic Water is a one part meltable resin product used by adult modellers to create water effects in scale scenes. It melts at a low temperature (55 - 60 degrees F) and cures to a thick rubbery gelatin consistency (think Jello jiggler shapes). The product does not have a strong odor and can easily be melted in a hot water bath. It can be poured into molds treated with fine oil as a mold release, and when set, a few minutes after pouring, it can be slid out of the mold. Flat sheets of the material can be cut with dolls house cookie cutters or other metal cutters (Kemper cutters) to make gelatin like shapes. It can be colored with food coloring or water color pigments and can be remelted and repoured if necessary. It does not have much shrinkage when set, but it does have a slightly sticky surface. As Scenic Water melts at low temperatures it should not be placed next to a heat source in a dolls house or left in a position is strong sunlight or it will melt. Scenic Water is not a flammable gel like candle gels. This is a different product, developed for modelling of scale liquids. It is not recommended for use by children

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