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Make Dolls House Scale Miniature Chocolates From Polymer Clay


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Basic Plain Chocolate Shapes
Dollhouse chocolates made from polymer clay with  stamped and swirled surface designs.

Dollhouse chocolates made from polymer clay with stamped and swirled surface designs.

Photo copyright 2010 Lesley Shepherd, Licensed to About.com Inc.

The classic chocolates of every box are the shapes we have all learned to recognize. All of these shapes should be coated with a thin acrylic gloss coating after baking. If you wish, you can also use a very fine glue tip and 'ice' fine lines of chocolate colored clay in a contrasting color (milk or white on dark chocolate clay) to make fine colored chocolate lines found on many quality chocolates. You can make these in any of the popular chocolate coatings, dark, milk or white.

Make Chocolate Caramels - Chocolate caramels are usually squares with angular ridge lines across the top. You can make these lines by pulling them up with a polymer clay blade, or by marking cut lines across the angle of a simple square chocolate. If your chocolates stick to the knife when you are cutting them sand the edges to a rounder shape with fine sandpaper after they have baked. The glaze coat will cover the fact that the finish was sanded.

Mint Leaves - Cut a long triangle or slice across a slightly flattened roll of clay and pinch one end to a point. Use the head of a pin to push on opposite sides of the triangle to give it a gentle curve. Trim the triangle to a rough leaf size, and use the edge of a pin, a piece of fine wire, or a jewelery finding with a raised vein leaf, to press into the chocolate to create leaf veins.

Nougat - Most chocolate boxes have rectangular or oblong pieces of nougat, identified by lines across the chocolate or at a slight angle.

Chocolate Covered Cherries - Use a fine rounded embossing tip to create a tightly swirled line on the top of a tiny ball of clay, or press a rose bead into the surface of a ball of clay to make the typical swirl on the top of a chocolate covered cherry.

Liquor Filled Chocolates - Many of these are a short tube shape, narrower on the top than the base, sometimes with lines or raised edges on the top of the chocolate. Use a flat smooth surface to roll a thin roll of clay, angling the surface to narrow the roll on one end. Cut your chocolates from the roll where one end is narrowed, to make the chocolates narrow rolls with tapered sides. Press the head of a flat topped dressmakers pin to the top of the cylinder to make a thin rim at the top of the chocolate.

Chocolate Logs - roll out thin rolls of clay and cut long strips for your chocolate logs (usually hazelnut ganache chocolates or other soft, nut butter flavors). Press the roll the flatten the underside slightly and use a piece of fine wire or the end of a pin to draw bark lines on the rounded top edge of the chocolate.

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