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Make Miniature Paper Pastry and Chocolate Cups or Cases for Muffins or Cupcakes


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Paper and Punches Used to Make Fluted Dollhouse Pastry and Chocolate Cases
Circular paper punches and tissue papers used to make dollhouse scale pastry cases.

1/4 and 1/2 inch circular punches and tissue or tracing paper used to make dolls house scale pastry and chocolate cases or muffin cups.

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The pastry cases shown in this tutorial were all made using either stiff (glazed) tissue paper or tracing paper, cut with paper punches. The lightweight papers must be punched with a regular sheet of printer or notepaper as a second layer in the punch, or the light paper will tear and not come out as neat rounds. The muffin cups/ cupcake liners / baking cups suitable for muffins and cupcakes, were made from 1/2 inch circles punched from tracing paper and tissue paper. The chocolate cases were made from tissue paper cut with a 1/4 inch circle punch.

Choosing the Right Papers - To make these tiny pastry cases successfully, you need a paper which is fairly crisp, but very thin. Stiffer or glazed (shiny) tissue papers work well, as do onion skin papers or artists tracing papers (provided they are not too thick). If the paper is not crisp enough it will tear when you try to remove it from the molds and it will not form neat fluted lines.

Tip If your case sticks in the mold after it is shaped, you can use the blunt end of a fine crewel or darning needle to gently work it away from the mold until you can remove it with a pair of fine pointed tweezers. If you cannot get your paper and mold to work together with the shaping tool (see next step) you can center a circle of paper over a mold and use a blunt ended darning needle to work the paper into the flutes of the mold to shape the pastry case.

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